EN fetching

tilltalande {adj.} [coll.]
fetching (also: engaging, pleasing, winning, winsome)
fetching (also: sweet, cunning)
näpen {adj.}

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EnglishA phrase which here means, " fetching and biting for hours on end. "
Vilket, i detta fallet, betyder " lekte kasta och bita hela dagarna ".
EnglishThe program that does the fetching is calledGooglebot (also known as a robot, bot, or spider).
Programmet som sköter hämtningen heter Googlebot (men kallas ibland för en robot, bot eller spindel).
EnglishIn Portugal, unfortunately, hormones are used and they are at the moment fetching more than cocaine - and that is the truth!
I Portugal tillverkar man också hormoner, tyvärr, och just nu bringar de in mer inkomster än kokain. Det är sant!
EnglishIt comes in a fetching chrome.
EnglishAlso, given that oil is now fetching approximately EUR 110 per barrel, we can see that turf is now a very valuable economic resource for the individuals concerned.
Eftersom olja nu kostar ungefär 110 euro per fat ser vi dessutom att torven har blivit en mycket värdefull ekonomisk resurs för de berörda människorna.