knock-off {noun}

1. American English
knock-off (also: copy, double, duplicate, imitation)
kopia {comm. gen.}
billig kopia {comm. gen.} [ex.]

Context sentences for "knock-off" in Swedish

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EnglishThere are still forces that are seeking to knock developments in Afghanistan off course.
Det finns fortfarande krafter som försöker att få utvecklingen i Afghanistan ur kurs.
EnglishFrom above, there is the desire to standardise the existing parties, knock the edges off them and extricate them from their national traditions.
Man vill likrikta de befintliga partierna ovanifrån och frigöra dem från deras nationella traditioner.
EnglishI'll knock your " turnal " right off, pal.
EnglishHey, I said knock it off.
EnglishKnock it off, Ralph.
EnglishThe police went on to say in their press release that the distribution of these knock-off DVDs and albums was nearly all controlled by organised crime.
Polisen säger vidare i sitt pressmeddelande att praktiskt taget all distribution av dessa piratkopierade dvd:er och skivor kontrolleras av den organiserade brottsligheten.