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"offense" in Swedish

EN offense

1. general

offense (also: affront, indignity, insult, libel)
förolämpning {comm. gen.}

2. American English

offense (also: breach, break, breakage, crime)
You know that withholding vital information from a federal officer...... is a serious offense.
Att undanhålla viktig information för en agent är ett allvarligt brott.
offense (also: delinquency, fault, offence)
förseelse {comm. gen.}
offense (also: offence)
anstöt {comm. gen.}
förnärmelse {comm. gen.}

Context sentences for "offense" in Swedish

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EnglishAre you gonna let the offense do everything, or are you gonna help us out some?
Tänker ni överlämna allt till anfallarna, eller ge understöd?
EnglishLook, Kelly, no offense, but I really don't think Danielle...... wants to be here right now.
Inget illa menat Kelly men jag tro Danielle...... vara för sig själv nu.
EnglishNo offense, kid, but you're not the best swimmer.
Inget illa ment grabben, men du är inte den bästa simmaren.
EnglishSo, no offense, but no thanks.
EnglishThe best defense is a good offense.
EnglishNo offense to banana slug owners.
EnglishMy offense is impetuous --
EnglishThat's a federal offense.