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ravenous (also: hungry, peckish, belly-pinched)
ravenous (also: avaricious, covetous, greedy, miserly)
girig {adj.}
ravenous (also: covetous, greedy, itchy, keen)
lysten {adj.}
ravenous (also: starving, belly-pinched, starved)
ravenous (also: starved)
ravenous (also: rapacious)
ravenous (also: hawkish)

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EnglishThe real problem is their ravenous appetite.
EnglishNow, according to the Galactic Penal Code, the punishment for a presidential kidnapping is to be fed to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.
Enligt den galaktiska rättslagen är straffet för kidnappning av presidenten... att matas till den Dräglande Dårfinken från Draal