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stainless (also: blank, classic, clean, clear)
ren {adj.}
stainless (also: clean, unsullied, untainted, undefiled)

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EnglishMr President, please do not think that I have taken up a new career as a representative of stainless steel.
Tro inte, herr ordförande, att jag har bytt yrke och nu representerar stålindustrin.
EnglishMain exports include telecoms equipment and engineering products, paper, pulp and lumber, glassware, stainless steel and ceramics.
Till de viktigaste exportvarorna hör telekomutrustning och maskinprodukter, papper, pappersmassa och timmer, glasvaror, rostfritt stål och keramik.
EnglishA wet low-intensity magnetic separator consists of a drum, which in itself is not possible to magnetise (often made from stainless steel or reinforced plastics).
En våt svagmagnetisk separator består av en trumma, som i sig själv inte är magnetiserbar (oftast rostfritt stål eller armerad plast).