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EN sweetie

1. general

gulleplutt {comm. gen.}

2. colloquial

sweetie (also: dear, honey)
raring {comm. gen.} [coll.]
Ligger du efter, raring?
Hur gick det, raring?

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Context sentences for "sweetie" in Swedish

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EnglishWell, sweetie, if we could just talk alone...
Ja, sötnos, om vi kunde få prata ensamma...
EnglishHow could you let that sweetie go so quickly.
Hur kunde du släppa iväg den där godbiten?
EnglishMust've left your present in the car, sweetie.
EnglishSweetie, our plane leaves in an hour.
Älskling, vårt plan åker om en timme.
EnglishYou stay here with us, sweetie.
EnglishPut your sweater on, sweetie.
EnglishOh, sweetie, are you all right?
EnglishHave a good day, sweetie.
EnglishDarla, sweetie, look out!
EnglishThere you are, sweetie.
EnglishYou're right, sweetie.
EnglishClara, sweetie, honey.
EnglishCome here, sweetie.
EnglishCome here, sweetie.
EnglishI know, sweetie.
EnglishGo on, sweetie.
EnglishThanks, sweetie.
EnglishHello, sweetie.
EnglishHey, sweetie.