"with" translation into Swedish


"with" in Swedish


with {preposition}

with (also: at, by, of)
With the (-) key you can reduce the view, and with the (+) key you can enlarge it.
Med minustangenten (-) förminskar du vyn, med plustangenten (+) förstorar du den.
And I thought about my relationship with my wife, with my friends, with people.
Jag tänkte så även på mitt förhållande med min fru, med mina vänner, med människor.
We cannot operate on the same budget with 25 Member States as we did with 15.
Man kan inte fungera med 25 medlemmar med samma budget som med 15 medlemmar.

"with gold lettering" in Swedish

with gold lettering
  • med guldbokstäver
  • med guld bokstäver
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"with great accuracy" in Swedish

with great accuracy
  • med stor noggrannhet
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"with great caution" in Swedish

with great caution
  • med stor försiktighet
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