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Type the word you need to translate from English into Thai in the field displayed above. You can also look up the translation of a Thai word since both sides of the English-Thai dictionary are searched through at the same time. You will then see the various sections, including translations, synonyms, usage examples and questions asked in the forum.

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Not knowing the precise spelling of an English word is not a problem. All you need to do is check the complete list of the entries in the English dictionary, organized in alphabetical order. Once you have found the word you were looking for, click on it to see all the translations in the English-Thai dictionary.

See below the translations that have been added recently to the English-Thai dictionary by other users. You can assist us in making the English-Thai dictionary even better by voting for the correct English translations that were suggested. If you notice an error or do not agree with a translation, you can edit and correct a translation, either in English or in Thai.

If you join the bab.la community, you can help us make the English-Thai dictionary more comprehensive and reach our goal: to become the world's largest online dictionary. Thanks to our users, our database grows and stays up-to-date. By adding new words, expressions or regional and technical English and Thai terms, you make the dictionary more complete than ever. An English-Thai translation can have a very different meaning depending on the context it is used in. This is why we include many different Thai translations for an English word. If a user adds a new word to the English-Thai dictionary, other users have to verify this translation before it is added to the dictionary for good. Until this has happened, the entry will be marked as unverified.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to contribute to the English-Thai dictionary and register to start collecting points for the world ranking. You will get more points for each English word added or each word verified for the English-Thai dictionary. If you're not completely sure whether the translation is correct, you can ask the other users for assistance. The English-Thai forum is a place where the bab.la users gather and they can ask and answer questions or discuss any topic related to English or Thai language, translation, grammar or spelling.