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all but {conjunction}

all but

Context sentences for "all but" in Thai

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EnglishWishing you all the best for your future career.
EnglishWishing both of you all the best on your engagement and everything lies ahead.
EnglishWe are all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of…and we would like to offer our deepest sympathy.
EnglishWishing the both of you all the happiness in the world.
EnglishIn my opinion, ...is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about.
EnglishWell done on your great exam results and all the best for the future.
EnglishFrom all at…, we wish you the best of luck in your new job.
EnglishWhere can I find information about all the courses available?
EnglishI have been thinking about you all day!
EnglishI respect...as a colleague, but I must say that in all honesty, I cannot recommend him / her for your company.
EnglishMay all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!
EnglishAll of this points to the fact that…
Englishall rights reserved
Englishall rights reserved
Englishall of a sudden
Englishall over the country
Englishall things considered
Englishall living creatures