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Find a Turkish term in the English-Turkish dictionary by using the entry field above. You can search in either English or Turkish. If the English or Turkish phrase you searched for has too many translations you can limit the results returned with extensive filter options. Select from grammar, style and region to hide unrelated English to Turkish translations.

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The English-Turkish dictionary includes the option of manually going through the alphabet. To do this, select a letter from the list below. When you find an English word you wish to translate to Turkish, follow the link to the page for the corresponding Turkish translation in the dictionary.

The list contains all new entries to the English-Turkish dictionary suggested by users. Why not help make the English-Turkish dictionary better? Simply vote for the Turkish translations you think are incorrect to be deleted and vote for the correct English to Turkish translations to be included in the dictionary.

Join the bab.la team and all other users in our effort to create the very best online dictionary in the world. Together with our users we want to provide not only a great English-Turkish dictionary, but the best. Users add new Turkish words and new English-Turkish translations to the online dictionary all the time and its usefulness improves as it grows. There are often many different ways to translate the same word from English to Turkish depending on factors like context or subject area. We include all these different translations in the English-Turkish dictionary. The Turkish expressions added by other users are not immediately included in the English-Turkish dictionary though. 10 users need to approve a new English to Turkish translation before it is accepted as a valid translation.
Register as a member of the bab.la community and start aiming for the top of the world ranking list today. All activity on bab.la which helps improve the English-Turkish dictionary, like adding new Turkish words, earns you points. If you want to add new English to Turkish translations, but are not a hundred percent sure you can always post a query on the English-Turkish forum. Here bab.la users post questions about Turkish translation, grammar and other Turkish language related issues.