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chaste {adj. m/f}

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chaste (also: continent)
chaste {noun}
Et auprès d'eux seront les belles au regard chaste, toutes du même âge.
And with them will be pure, chaste-eyed spouses, well-matched, (whose glances are fixed on them only).
Et Ils auront auprès d'eux des belles aux grandes yeux, au regard chaste,
And with them will be pure, chaste-eyed spouses (whose glances are fixed on them only), most beautiful of eye;
Et que ceux qui n'ont pas de quoi se marier, cherchent à rester chastes jusqu'à ce qu'Allah les enrichisse par Sa grâce.
Let those who cannot afford to marry keep themselves chaste until God grants them sufficiency out of His bounty.

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FrenchIl sera un chef, un chaste, un prophète et du nombre des gens de bien".
"Lord," said he (Zachariah), "How shall I have a son when old age has overtaken me, and my wife is barren?"