FR crevasse

1. general

Il y avait une grande crevasse juste à pic, à environ 25 mètres sous moi.
And I could clearly see that there was a large crevice directly under the cliff, about 25m below me.
J'avais l'impression d'être au fond de la crevasse, ça ressemblait à un sablier.
I was now in what seemed to be the base of the crevice, that was shaped like a big hourglass.
Maintenant que j'y repense, une fois détaché, j'aurais pu descendre dans la crevasse pour essayer de le voir.
And I suppose again, with the benefit of hindsight, after I got off the rope, I should have gone and looked, into the crevice, to see where he was.
cranny {noun}

2. geology


3. astronomy

crevasse (also: rille)
rille {noun}

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FrenchLa corde montait sur 28 m au-dessus de l'ouverture de la crevasse.
My rope was going all the way up, 25m, up to this small entry hall.
French− Une légère crevasse cicatrisée;