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Enter a word in French to look it up in the French-German dictionary. Of course you are also able to type a word in German for a French translation. If you find too many results in the French-German dictionary you can use the different filters available. The filters will refine your search for a French-German translation by style, grammar, region and more.

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Are you unsure about how to spell a French word and can't find it by searching? Use the letters below to get a complete list of French words with translations found in the French-German dictionary. Once you find the fitting French word, you can click on it to be taken to the corresponding page in the dictionary.

Here you can view the words most recently added to the French-German dictionary. Give us your thoughts on what is right and wrong by voting to add a French-German translation or to delete it. Verifying a new translation gives you the option of adding information to a German or French expression already suggested.

Do not miss out on the fun, join in on and be a part of creating the largest online dictionary collection in the world. We are adding words to the French-German dictionary all the time since languages are constantly evolving. An important way for us to gain knowledge of new French to German translations is through contributions made by our users. You can help out by adding any colloquial or regional expressions you might be familiar with to the French-German dictionary. As the same French word can have many different meanings in German, several different translations are possible. To ensure that the French-German dictionary maintains a high quality, all new French words need to be approved by other users. After 10 different users have checked a new addition it will be included in the dictionary. Before that, it will still show up in searches for the benefit of others, but will be marked as unverified.
Register as a user on by signing up today. As a registered member of the community you immediately start earning points for the world ranking. You are awarded points by, for example, making new French word suggestions to the French-German dictionary. Should you have questions about a French translation you can always post a query in the French-German forum. Here all users ask and answer questions about French language, translation and grammar.