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Join us and have fun using! Together we can create the world's best free online German-Dutch dictionary. Whenever a user suggests a new Dutch word, it helps us to improve the quality of our dictionary. There can be one Dutch word that could have different meanings depending on the region or there can be more Dutch translations for one German word. If a user makes a suggestion to the German-Dutch dictionary, then this word will be marked as "unverified". Here you can show your knowledge and enthusiasm for languages and verify or correct the word. We need 10 users to verify one word in order to ensure the quality of our dictionary. Although Dutch and German are closely related languages, translating from one language to another can be rather surprisingly challenging. German is also different from a region to another. We can distinguish for instance Low German (also called Plattdeutsch) from High German and Upper German. Furthermore, German is not only spoken in Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and many other countries.
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