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GermanWas macht er dort in Amrapalis Haus mit all seinen 500 Mönchen" usw...
What's he doing over there at Amrapali's house with all his 500 monks," and so on.
GermanAls ihr Kollege also fragte: "Was macht er beruflich?"
So when her colleague said, "What does he do?"
GermanDoch was macht er mit diesen 4 Staaten?
And what is he going to do with these four members?
GermanUnd was macht er?
GermanUnd was macht er?
GermanSie erzählte das einem ihrer Kollegen, der sagte "Nun, was macht er denn beruflich?"
She told this to one of her colleagues, who said, "Well, what does your boyfriend do?" Sarah thought quite hard about the things I'd explained -- and she concentrated, in those days, on listening.

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