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Enter a German or Polish word to look up its translation in the German-Polish dictionary. You can search for a translation in other languages such as English-Polish by selecting a dictionary from the drop-down menu. In the event that your search finds too many translations in the German-Polish dictionary use the filters to narrow your parameters. The search filters can sort and hide unwanted German or Polish words by style, region and grammar.

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Navigate and browse the German-Polish dictionary manually using the letters below. You can see all matching Polish translations, synonyms and phrases in the German-Polish dictionary simply by clicking a German word from the list.

Below you will find the most recently added words suggested for entry into the German-Polish dictionary. Other users have suggested these German and Polish words, and you can help by verifying them. Check a German to Polish translation and vote for it to be added to, or deleted from, the dictionary. There is also an option for you to make corrections if you find any mistakes.

Everyone is welcome to be part of the community. The more users who join in improving the German-Polish dictionary, the better it will be. The German translation of a Polish word can differ from one region to another. Additions to the German-Polish dictionary made by users make the German-Polish dictionary more wide-ranging and more useful as a translation tool. To maintain a high standard of the dictionary content, all user-contributed German-Polish translations must be checked. Once 10 users have approved of a new German or Polish word, it is included in the dictionary. Until then the translation will show up as unverified in the German-Polish dictionary search results.
Why not take an active part on by registering and joining the community? As a member you earn points toward the world ranking list whenever you contribute, by adding new German and Polish words to the German-Polish dictionary. If you are unsure of a translation, or how to use a Polish word, simply ask the other users in the German-Polish forum. Here you can discuss subjects like German-Polish translation and other language related issues by asking and answering questions.