HU elinal

2. colloquial

Fogja az ügyfelei letétbe helyezett pénzét, aztán elinal.
They raid their clients' trust funds and bolt.

Context sentences for "elinal" in English

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HungarianTehol és Poloska figyelték, ahogy elinal, görnyedten, ugrándozva, hogy elkerülje a mélyebb pocsolyákat.
Tehol and Bugg watched him scurry away, hunched over and weaving to avoid the deeper puddles.
HungarianHa azonban Wilma legjobb ismerője, Peter Jerzyck látja, e pillanatban elinal, hogy a lába se éri a földet.
But if Peter jerzyck, who knew her best, had seen her face at that moment, he would have run the other way as fast as his legs could carry him.