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feldühödve {adverb}


Context sentences for "feldühödve" in English

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Hungarian- kiáltotta a Srinshee feldühödve.
I've no intention of fleeing anywhere, Ilimitar! the Srinshee told him angrily.
Hungarianordított Spade feldühödve.
Go to them! he exclaimed, his voice loud with rage.
HungarianFeldühödve Ralph arcába fröcskölte a vizet.
Furiously he drove the water into Ralph's face.
HungarianAz ellenállástól feldühödve a szerencsétlen Mazirianra koncentráltak, aki tajtékzott és megszállott dühvei küzdött; és így T'sain élve kijuthatott a liget szélére.
Infuriated by his resistance, they concentrated on the unfortunate Magician, who foamed and fought with transcendent fury, and T'sain was permitted to crawl to the edge of the grove with her life.