IT cross

1. sports: "nella boxe"

cross {noun}
Verifica inoltre la presenza di vulnerabilità XSS (cross-site scripting) e SQL injection.
Also check for any XSS (cross-site scripting) and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
Cross country: percorsi caratterizzati da poco dislivello e molti passaggi in punti panoramici.
Cross country: these tracks are mainly on flat ground and pass through some very scenic points.
The third issue is cross-compliance.

2. sports: "nel tennis"

slice {noun}

3. "ciclocross"

cross (also: ciclocross)

4. sports: "nel calcio"


5. "motocross"


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Italian"Con il passaggio a Exchange Online i dipendenti riescono finalmente a fruire del servizio di posta elettronica da un ambiente di lettura cross-device sempre sincronizzato."
"Office 365 has really sped up the way we work and helped us to be more efficient. We’re able to focus on our customers to a level that sets us apart from the competition."Tony