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Translate a phrase from Polish to German by entering your query in the search field provided above. You can also search for a translation of a German word. If you find the dictionary includes too many Polish-German translations there are options to filter your results. If you do not understand a Polish word or its translation simply use the Wikipedia, Web or Image search to find more information.

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If you are looking for a translation and are not sure of a word's spelling, but you need to translate it, you can browse the Polish-German dictionary by hand. Use the letters to see a full list of words from the Polish-German dictionary starting with your selected letter. When you find the word you were looking for, click it to view all German words and synonyms in the online dictionary.

Below are the Polish-German translations which have been recently added by other bab.la users. If you see a Polish translation you do not agree with, use the verify utility to suggest changes. Naturally if you think the suggested translation is correct you can vote for it to be included in the Polish-German dictionary.

Join the bab.la community and start having fun. Lending us a hand makes the Polish to German dictionary even better. Each user who contributes a new Polish-German translation means an improvement to the usefulness and quality of the online dictionary. Adding new Polish to German translations is not the only way to help out. All translations contributed by users need to be verified and checked for mistakes. A new word will only be added as a valid Polish-German translation once it has been viewed and verified by 10 other users. There are very many Polish-German translations for the same Polish word because a word's meaning, and therefore translation, can vary significantly from one area to another. A scientific translation from Polish to German could be very different from a colloquial translation.
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