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Use the input field above to search the Portuguese-Spanish dictionary and enter a Portuguese word to translate. If you would like to look up the Portuguese translation of an Spanish word you can search for that as well. A search will scan all Portuguese to Spanish translations and vice versa. If you find too many results in the Portuguese-Spanish dictionary there are many filters for category, region and style at your disposal.

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Are you searching for a Portuguese word, but you don't know how to spell it? By choosing the first letter from below, you will be shown a complete list of Portuguese words for that letter. When you find the correct Portuguese expression you can see the corresponding dictionary page by clicking on the word.

The newest contributions to the Portuguese-Spanish dictionary are shown in the list below. By clicking on verify you can have a say in whether the Portuguese translation should be included in the dictionary or whether it is incorrect. You can also suggest changes to either the Spanish or Portuguese translation.

We are building the largest and most comprehensive free online dictionary in the world. Lend a helping hand with the Portuguese to Spanish dictionary. For every Portuguese term added by users, the dictionary is improved and its usefulness is increased. The more contributors the better and the broader the Portuguese-Spanish translations become. For example, there are many different Portuguese words with the same Spanish translation. A Portuguese technical expression may be similar to another scientific term, but have a different meaning and translation. Any addition to the Portuguese-Spanish dictionary has to be approved before it is finally included in the online dictionary. This happens when 10 other bab.la users have voted the translation as correct.
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