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aferrar [aferrando|aferrado] {verb}

¿Se está aferrando Europa a algo que no necesita porque ya lo tiene?
Is Europe grasping for something that it does not need because it already has it?
El método establecido es aferrar la cabeza fetal con los fórceps obstétricos y girar y colocar la cabeza para facilitar el descenso y el nacimiento del feto.
The established method is to grasp the fetal head with obstetric forceps and turn and position the head to facilitate the descent and birth of the infant.

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SpanishLa unidad europea tiene oportunidades, oportunidades que ofrecen muchas posibilidades y que debemos aferrar con ambas manos.
European unification has a great deal of potential with many opportunities which we must seize with both hands.