ES alistarse

alistarse (also: prepararse)
alistarse (also: enrolarse)
to join up {vb} (enlist)
alistarse (also: enlistarse, enrolarse)
to sign on {vb} (enlist)
alistarse (also: reclutar, enlistarse)
to sign up {vb} (soldiers)

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Context sentences for "alistarse" in English

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SpanishLos trabajos forzados son moneda corriente y se obliga a los niños a alistarse en el ejército.
Forced labour is the order of the day, and children are conscripted into the army.
SpanishEn la actualidad, solamente podrían alistarse unos 1.500, a causa de los recortes presupuestarios.
In the present situation, the national defence can only supply approximately 1 500 men, due to reduced defence spending.
Spanishalistarse en el ejército
Spanishalistarse como soldado