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ES amasijo

1. general

amasijo (also: mazacote, batiburrillo)
a hodgepodge of ideas
amasijo (also: fárrago, batiburrillo, mezcolanza)
hotchpotch {noun} [Brit.]
a hotchpotch of ideas
había un amasijo de ropas en el suelo
there was a jumble of clothes on the floor
a jumble of unconnected ideas
amasijo (also: sobada)
mash {noun}

2. gastronomy

amasijo (also: masa)
dough {noun}
to prepare the dough

3. rare

amasijo (also: plan, lote, argumento, solar)
plot {noun}

Context sentences for "amasijo" in English

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SpanishPor eso, el "amasijo" que ha resultado de todo esto no tiene nada que ver con una urgencia.
This is why the mishmash that has come out of this has nothing to do with urgent issues.
SpanishEn definitiva, estos informes son un amasijo de afirmaciones conflictivas.
All in all, these reports are a mass of conflicting statements.
Spanishun amasijo de ideas inconexas
SpanishPorque todos hablamos de una solución con dos Estados, pero una solución que se propugne con dos Estados viables, no un amasijo de retales entre otras muchas cosas, sino dos Estados viables.
Because all of us speak about a two-state solution, but a two-state solution that is predicated on two viable states, not a patchwork of little bits in between everything else, but two viable states.