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ES ambages
{masculine plural}

1. archaic

ambages {o.pl.} [arch.]

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SpanishHemos de reconocer sin ambages que somos responsables en gran medida de ello.
We must recognise quite clearly that we have a very substantial responsibility here.
SpanishEl señor Vondra ha hecho gala de una gran honestidad al admitirlo sin ambages.
The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Vondra, has shown great honesty by clearly admitting it.
SpanishPermítanme decir sin ambages que, en nuestra opinión, esto es inaceptable.
Let me say quite clearly that this is, in our view, unacceptable.
SpanishSeñor Pompidou, ¡se aprovecha usted sin ambages de la situación!
Mr Pompidou, you are seeking to shamelessly profit from the situation!
SpanishEl informe declara sin ambages que no debe recurrirse al aborto como método de control de la natalidad.
It clearly states that abortion should not be used as a birth control method.
SpanishSeñor Pompidou,¡se aprovecha usted sin ambages de la situación!
Mr Pompidou, you are seeking to shamelessly profit from the situation!
SpanishPor ello apoyo sin ambages la campaña austriaca a favor del cierre de las centrales nucleares.
For this reason, I clearly support the Austrian shutdown campaign.
SpanishLlega a puerto tras una singladura que, sin ambages, cabe calificar de larga y complicada.
And it has reached a safe port after a voyage that - to put it bluntly - was long and complicated.
SpanishY si nos negamos a cumplir el Pacto de estabilidad cuando no nos conviene,¿por qué no lo reconocemos sin ambages?
From this point of view, it seems to me that we are doing exactly what is needed.
SpanishPor ello, permítanme decir sin ambages que nuestra posición puede ser una forma de presión política.
Therefore, and let us say it directly, our position is potentially a form of political pressure.
SpanishSe sugiere sin ambages que una mayor libertad en Europa generaría automáticamente menos seguridad.
It is being openly suggested that more freedom in Europe would automatically lead to less security.
SpanishTodos hemos instado al Presidente Milosovic a que intervenga sin ambages en el proceso político necesario.
We have all called for President Milosovic to line up clearly behind the necessary political process.
SpanishPor eso debemos dar nuestra opinión sin ambages.
This is why we must state our opinions in no uncertain terms.
SpanishEuropa no ha afrontado esta cuestión sin ambages.
Europe has not looked this question squarely in the face.
Spanish. - (PL) Señor Presidente, la comunidad internacional debe condenar sin ambages el golpe militar en Fiyi.
author. - (PL) Mr President, the international community must unequivocally condemn the military coup in Fiji.
SpanishEl informe también reconoce sin ambages el carácter internacional de los desafíos en materia de abastecimiento energético.
The report also clearly recognises the international nature of the challenges relating to energy supply.
SpanishDebemos tener finalmente la valentía de decir a la gente la verdad sin ambages y afirmar que Europa necesita la inmigración.
We must finally have the courage to tell people the unvarnished truth and say that Europe needs immigration.
SpanishY si nos negamos a cumplir el Pacto de estabilidad cuando no nos conviene, ¿por qué no lo reconocemos sin ambages?
And if we refuse to adhere to the Stability Pact in times when it does not suit us, why do we not simply admit to this?
SpanishEl Grupo de la Alianza de los Demócratas y Liberales por Europa ha apoyado sin ambages la independencia del BCE.
The Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe supported the independence of the ECB without ifs and buts.
Spanishtienes que decírselo sin ambages
you just have to tell him, don't beat about the bush