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Permítanme concluir con una breve anécdota que demuestra el tipo de asunto con el que debemos tratar.
Let me conclude with a little anecdote that shows the sort of thing we must deal with.
Pienso que esta anécdota es significativa, ya que demuestra dentro de qué espíritu se preparó este informe.
I feel this anecdote is significant since is clearly shows the spirit in which this report was drawn up.
I should like to relate an anecdote.
anécdota (also: piso, historia, cuento, trufa)
story {noun}
Pero esto es simplemente una anécdota.
That is only a story, however.
anécdota (also: relato, historia, cuento, patraña)
tale {noun}
anécdota (also: detalle, detalle incidental)
sidelight {noun} (incidental information)

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SpanishEsta anécdota es relevante en el debate de hoy porque subraya el tema principal.
This is relevant to the debate today because it emphasises the key point.
SpanishPero bueno, esto es una pequeña anécdota.
SpanishMás que una mera anécdota histórica, esta relación es esencial e indispensable, dados los retos y oportunidades que se presentan ante nosotros.
More than a mere historical curiosity, this relationship is crucial and indispensable, given the challenges and opportunities facing us.
SpanishDeseo hacer saber a Sus Señorías, aunque tal vez sólo sea una anécdota, que uno de los libros del Sr.
I would like to tell you, although this is perhaps only anecdotal, that one of Mr Graça Moura's books is to be translated into Swedish this year thanks to the Ariane programme.