ES arrimado

1. Colombia, colloquial

arrimado (also: gorrera, gorrero, garronero, garronera)
freeloader {noun} [coll.]
arrimado (also: aprovechada, pediche)
arrimado (also: aprovechón, garganta, mosca, sablista)
sponger {noun} [Brit.] [coll.]

Context sentences for "arrimado" in English

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Spanishse le han arrimado muchos desde que heredó esa fortuna
he's suddenly acquired a lot of new friends since he inherited that fortune
SpanishEs magnífico que la Comisión haya arrimado el hombro para acelerar los pagos comerciales, pero la Comisión no está precisamente libre de culpa.
It is grand that the Commission has put its shoulder behind the wheel of speeding up commercial payments but it is far from the case that the Commission is beyond reproach itself.