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ES australiana

1. general

Aussie {noun} [Brit.] [coll.] (Australian)
australiana (also: australiano)
digger {noun} [Austr.] [coll.] (Australian person)

2. "gentilicio"

australiana (also: australiano)
Australian {noun} (demonym)
No debemos apoyar una referencia a una cuota cero, que ya no es la posición australiana.
We should not be supporting a reference to a zero quota, which is no longer the Australian position.
territorio de la capital australiana
australian capital territory
La conferencia y la exposición Enviro es una plataforma para la exhibición de la industria australiana del medioambiente.
The Enviro Conference and Exhibition is a platform for showcasing the Australian environment industry.

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SpanishHe oído también hablar recientemente de un informe secreto elaborado por la inteligencia militar australiana.
I heard also recently about a secret defence intelligence report from Australia.
SpanishUniversidad Nacional Australiana de Camberra 05.- Patrimonio Cultural
Theme The four major themes of the conference, for which proposals for panels and papers are now sought will be the following:   05.- Cultural Heritage