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avaro {adj. m}

ES avaro

avaro (also: puerco)
hog {noun}
avaro (also: tacaño, miserable, cicatero, cutre)
miser {noun}
Espero que lo mismo le ocurra a ese otro avaro, el Primer Ministro Blair.
I hope that the same happens to that other miser, namely Prime Minister Blair.
avaro (also: tacaño)
Precisamente en este campo, donde Europa puede hacer visible una parte de su credibilidad, el Consejo se comporta como un avaro, si se me permite decirlo.
Yet I am forced to say that precisely here, where Europe can make some of its credibility visible, the Council is proving to be a Scrooge.
money-grubber {noun} [coll.]

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SpanishPero a quien es avaro y se cree autosuficiente,
But as for him who is niggardly and thinks himself independent (or self-sufficient),
SpanishSi el Consejo desea demostrar responsabilidad global, no puede ser más tacaño y avaro que la Comisión y practicar recortes de más de 2  000 millones de euros.
If the Council wishes to demonstrate global responsibility, it must not be stingier and more tight-fisted than the Commission is and make cut-backs of more than EUR 2 billion.