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este misterio es el banquete que el Señor celebra con sus discípulos
is the banquet which the Lord celebrates with his disciples on Holy
compartimos fraternalmente en el banquete eucarístico.
share fraternally at the Eucharistic banquet.
El Señor preparará un banquete para todos los pueblos (cf.
The Lord will prepare a banquet for all peoples (cf.
banquete (also: agasajo, festividad, festejo, convite)
feast {noun}
Los fariseos jamás hubieran aprobado aquel banquete al aire libre.
The Pharisees would never have approved of this al fresco feast.
she laid on a real feast for us
we're going to have a feast
banquete (also: festín)
spread {noun} [coll.] (meal)

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SpanishAl parecer no existen plazas suficientes en la mesa del banquete del género humano.
There would seem not to be enough room at the banqueting table of the human race.
Spanishrealiza así el banquete anunciado por el profeta Isaías para
The Eucharist is therefore the realization of the
Spanishlas migajas del banquete
Spanishbanquete de gala
SpanishAl banquete del