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ES calcetines

calcetines (also: medias)
hose {noun} [oldfsh.] (socks)
a pair of gentlemen's hose

Context sentences for "calcetines" in English

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Spanishno te quedes con los calcetines mojados, que te vas a resfriar
to take your wet socks off, you'll catch cold
Spanishestos zapatos me comen los calcetines
my socks keep slipping down with these shoes
Spanishse le habían caído los calcetines
his socks had worked down to his ankles
Spanishestos calcetines huelen que alimentan
Spanishya no vale la pena zurcir esos calcetines
Spanishlos calcetines me llegan a las rodillas
Spanishdales la vuelta a los calcetines
Spanishesos calcetines huelen que alimentan
Spanish¿te has cambiado los calcetines?
Spanishtengo los calcetines llenos de agujeros
Spanishesos calcetines huelen que apestan
Spanishun par de calcetines de caballero
Spanishdales la vuelta a los calcetines
Spanish¿dónde andan mis calcetines?
Spanish¿cómo andas de calcetines?
Spanishunos calcetines amarillo limón
Spanishcalcetines con olor a queso
Spanishcalcetines de talla única
Spanishcalcetines con olor a queso
Spanishcon solo calcetines