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"candidez" in English

ES candidez

1. general

candidez (also: credulidad, simpleza)
candidez (also: candor)
ingenuousness {noun} (frankness)

2. "falta de malicia"

candidez (also: candor, inocencia)
candidez (also: ingenuidad, candidez, inocencia)

3. "ingenuidad"

candidez (also: ingenuidad, candidez, inocencia)

Context sentences for "candidez" in English

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SpanishPerdón a los pueblos espiados, por tanta candidez?
Apologise to the people spied on, for all that evangelism?
SpanishEl colega Florenz viene y dice con total candidez que queremos debilitar todo esto y que solamente se aplique a partir del 2020.
Mr Florenz said, in his nice way, that we would be taking a softer line and the directive would only apply from the year 2020.