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chiste malo (also: broma de mal gusto, gracejada)
. - (FR) Señora Presidenta, el litigio en la OMC entre Airbus y Boeing es simplemente un chiste malo.
Madam President, the WTO dispute between Airbus and Boeing is nothing more than a bad joke.
La idea de hacerlo me parece un chiste malo, puesto que rara vez se ha visto una actitud tan servil ante peticiones irrazonables de las autoridades estadounidenses.
The idea of doing so strikes me as being something of a bad joke, since such energetic kow-towing to unreasonable demands on the part of the American authorities has rarely been seen.
chiste malo
shaggy dog story {noun} [coll.]
chiste malo

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SpanishO tal vez todo esto sólo sea un chiste malo de año nuevo...
Or perhaps this was just a bad New Year's joke?
SpanishPor desgracia es un chiste muy malo.
Unfortunately, it is rather a sick joke.