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ES cohesivo
{adjective masculine}

cohesivo (also: cohesiva)
Se trata de un conjunto cohesivo y quiero instarles a que lo mantengan así.
This is a cohesive whole; I would press you to keep it that way.
El Gobierno turco no ha presentado un programa cohesivo y completo de reformas políticas.
The Turkish Government has not presented a cohesive and comprehensive programme of political reforms.
Sustituirá a la recopilación actual de reglamentos nacionales por un marco comunitario cohesivo.
It will replace the current compilation of national regulations with a cohesive Community framework.

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SpanishSe trata de un conjunto cohesivo y quiero instarles a que lo mantengan así.
I have simplified the proposal in terms of consequential damage, which I deleted.
SpanishMientras yo tartamudeaba y no era cohesivo, me dijo que no me preocupara.
As I was stuttering and could not make myself coherent, he told me not to worry about it.
SpanishPara los comerciantes significa un conjunto cohesivo de reglamentos dondequiera que comercien en la Unión Europea.
The declaration calls for the adoption of an instrument on the retention of data on communications traffic by June 2005.
SpanishPor lo tanto, es fundamental que la Comisión presente un plan de acción concreto, cohesivo y claramente definido en términos de instrumentos, recursos financieros y plazos.
It may also, however, cause serious unemployment and hamper development unless we adopt appropriate measures to ensure that such problems do not arise in the future.
SpanishEn mi opinión se necesita un plan estratégico avanzado y cohesivo para la zona, un único marco contractual para una relación privilegiada entre la Unión Europea y los Balcanes Occidentales.
It has gone out of fashion to talk about EU enlargement, but it should be stated quite clearly that EU accession for a number of Balkan states would be a very good idea.