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"collera" in English

ES collera

1. general

collera (also: pandilla, cuadrilla, equipo, cayapa)
gang {noun}

2. agriculture


3. "de personas", Chile, colloquial

4. Chile

collera (also: gemelo, pasador, mancorna, mancuerna)

5. "de animales", Chile, colloquial

collera (also: compañero, pareja, par, pareja (cosas))
pair {noun}

Context sentences for "collera" in English

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Spanishsiempre está en collera con su hermano
there is constant rivalry between him and his brother
Spanishestá en edad de buscarse collera
he's old enough to be looking for a girlfriend
Spanishsiempre está en collera con su hermano
he's always competing with his brother