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SpanishPero en cada ocasión en que se produzcan derivas, son peligrosas y han de ser combatidas.
Each time there are drifts, however, they are dangerous and they must be stamped out.
SpanishDe esta suerte, las violaciones del Derecho internacional se ven combatidas mediante instrumentos jurídicos dudosos.
These are dubious legal methods of combatting a breach of international law.
SpanishEn mi país, la palabra guerra cultural suena a que todas las culturas deben ser combatidas si no son cristianas.
In my country, the term cultural struggle has acquired a resonance to the effect that all cultures must be combated if they are not Christian.
SpanishEs inadmisible que la UE actualmente subvencione actividades en estos sectores que, en otros contextos, son combatidas por atentar contra el medio ambiente.
It is unreasonable to do what is at present done with EU funds and to support such activities within these sectors as are opposed from an environmental point of view in other contexts.

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