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ES comprobante

1. general

proof of mailing
proof of residence
proof of residency
comprobante (also: documento justificativo, ficho, bono, cupón)

2. accounting

comprobante (also: vale)

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SpanishAdemás, todos los consumidores de agua en Europa deben recibir un comprobante sobre cuánta agua han consumido y cómo está compuesto su precio del agua.
Every water consumer in Europe should additionally receive a statement of how much water he has used and how the price he pays for his water is made up.
SpanishComisario que nos prometa que a partir de ahora el Parlamento, el Tribunal de Cuentas y el Defensor del Pueblo tendrán derecho a examinar cualquier comprobante.
I would therefore ask the Commissioners to promise us that, in future, Parliament, the Court of Auditors and the ombudsman will be allowed to see any document.