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comprometerse {verb}

1. general
"Recordar el pasado es comprometerse con el futuro.
"To remember the past is to commit oneself to the future.
el pasado es comprometerse con el futuro.
remember the past is to commit oneself to the future.
to commit oneself {r. v.} (state views)
"Recordar el pasado es comprometerse con el futuro.
"To remember the past is to commit oneself to the future.
el pasado es comprometerse con el futuro.
remember the past is to commit oneself to the future.
2. "autor, artista"
3. "novios"
to get engaged to sb

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SpanishComo he señalado anteriormente, colaborar y comprometerse con Irán será un reto.
As I mentioned earlier, working and engaging with Iran will be a challenge.
Spanish¿Puede la Comisión comprometerse en una fecha para presentar dicha propuesta?
Can the Commission give an undertaking as to when it will present such a proposal?
Spanishestrictamente a comprometerse en el apostolado, dentro y fuera de la comunidad
devote oneself to the apostolate within and outside the ecclesial community.
SpanishEsa advertencia solemne invita a comprometerse firmemente en la lucha contra el hambre.
Such a solemn warning urges everyone to be firmly committed to combating hunger.
Spanish¿Puede comprometerse la Comisión a que evitemos en 1997 la situación de 1996?
Can the Commission undertake to ensure that we shall avoid the 1996 situation in 1997?
SpanishPor tanto, es necesario comprometerse en una nueva vía para impulsarlas.
Consequently, there is a need to adopt a new approach to encouraging these firms.
SpanishTodo el mundo ha de comprometerse con la existencia de dos países seguros y viables.
Everyone has to commit to the existence of two secure and viable countries.
SpanishSin embargo, es un derecho que no debe ponerse en duda ni comprometerse.
It is, however, a right that must be neither called into question nor compromised.
Spanishcada vez mayor de fieles, especialmente jóvenes, a comprometerse en el
people, to commit themselves in the love of God with all their heart, all their
SpanishEs una zona en la que la Unión debería estar más presente y comprometerse en el futuro.
This is an area where our Union must also be more present and engaged in the future.
SpanishSe debe persuadir a China de que debe comprometerse a respetar las normas internacionales.
China must be persuaded to commit to international standards and to respect them.
SpanishPor tanto, pienso que la Unión Europea debe comprometerse claramente en este sentido.
I therefore feel that the EU should make clear commitments in this regard.
SpanishCreo que los interlocutores sociales están dispuestos a comprometerse con nosotros.
I think we saw the willingness of the social partners to engage with us.
SpanishPor el contrario, deben comprometerse a utilizar los fondos que están disponibles.
Instead, they must be committed to using the funds that are available.
Spanishpermiten a las personas comprometerse activamente en la producción e
involvement and allow them to be active in production and even in designing the
SpanishLa Unión Europea debe comprometerse ahora a reducir un 30 % las emisiones por tres razones.
The EU needs to commit itself now to a 30% cut in emissions for three reasons.
SpanishEn su lugar, deberían comprometerse activamente con guiar su país hacia un futuro mejor.
They should, rather, engage proactively to lead their country towards a better future.
SpanishPor último, la Comisión puede evidentemente comprometerse por sí misma.
Finally, the Commission can obviously make a commitment on its own behalf.
SpanishDurante el debate el Parlamento estaba extremadamente dispuesto a comprometerse.
Parliament was extremely willing to compromise during the debate.
SpanishPrecisamente por su historia, Europa debe comprometerse en este frente.
Precisely because of its history, Europe must commit itself on this front.