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da igual (also: no importa)
it doesn't matter to me one way or the other

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SpanishLo que suceda en Rusia, con la población, con la sociedad, les da igual.
It makes no odds to the west what is happening with Russia, its people and society.
SpanishPero me da igual, mientras siga teniendo la sensación de que podemos encontrar una solución.
I do not care, as long as I have the feeling that we can reach a solution.
SpanishPero le puedo decir que al ganado le da igual en qué directiva se halle.
But let me tell you that it makes no difference to cattle in which directive it is included.
SpanishPues me da igual, digan que, por muestreo, el Estado tal o cual no hace las cosas bien.
They should say that, according to the sample, such and such a Member State is not doing things right.
SpanishDiría que da igual que hoy no se trata de una ley y de que sólo debemos elaborar unas directrices.
Since we are today only drawing up guidelines rather than legislating, I would say: so what?
Spanishlo siento, pero hoy no puedo — no importa, mañana da igual
I'm afraid I can't manage it today — that's OK, tomorrow will do fine!
SpanishMientras se cumpla esta condición me da igual dónde se establecen las oficinas de la misma.
And as long as that requirement is met, I am not concerned where the offices of this Agency are based.
SpanishLes da absolutamente igual si una empresa es gestionada privada o públicamente.
It is matter of complete indifference to the Treaty of Rome whether an undertaking is privately or publicly run.
SpanishPero da igual, este Tratado nos dará los medios para relanzar Europa, siempre que queramos hacerlo.
All the same, this Treaty will give us the means to revive Europe, provided that we want to do so.
SpanishA mí me da igual quién intenta dividir y separar Kosovo.
It is also irrelevant, in my view, as to who is working towards separation and division in Kosovo.
SpanishA las empresas les da casi igual dónde despegan y aterrizan sus vuelos de transporte de mercancías.
The companies are really not bothered about where they start and land their cargo planes, in particular.
SpanishSi esto se demuestra en 24 o en 30 meses me da igual. Tiene que demostrarse.
It makes no difference to me whether the evidence has to be produced within 24 or 30 months, but the evidence must be produced.
SpanishEsto significa que da igual lo permanente que pensemos que es algo, se queda anticuado después de un tiempo.
This means that no matter how permanent we think something is, it becomes out of date after a certain time.
Spanish[Pero ya] da igual para nosotros que nos lamentemos o que nos resignemos pacientemente [a nuestra suerte]: ¡no tenemos escapatoria
It is now the same for us whether we rage or whether we are penitent, we have no escape.
SpanishProdi o alguno de sus candidatos dijera: «Ah, pues me da igual», entonces tendrá problemas.
If Mr Prodi or one of the other nominees replies, 'Well, I couldn't care less' , then these nominees will have a problem.
SpanishProdi o alguno de sus candidatos dijera:« Ah, pues me da igual», entonces tendrá problemas.
If Mr Prodi or one of the other nominees replies, 'Well, I could n't care less ', then these nominees will have a problem.
SpanishTampoco da exactamente igual el tipo de ayuda que se asigne.
Spanishhe llegado a un punto en que ya me da igual
I've reached the point where I don't care any more
SpanishDa igual vivir en el campo, en un valle aislado o en la ciudad: el kilovatio / hora se paga al mismo precio.
Whether the customer lives in the country, in an isolated valley or in a town, they are charged the same price per kW/hour.
Spanish—me da igual —contestó en tono despectivo
it's all the same to me, she answered scornfully