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1. law

delito mayor
felony {noun}

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SpanishToda esa cuestión parece ilustrar las palabras de Bertolt Brecht cuando decía que fundar un banco es un delito mucho mayor que robar un banco.
This whole issue seems to illustrate the words of Bertolt Brecht when he said: founding a bank is a much worse crime than robbing one.
SpanishTheorin en que la violencia contra las mujeres es el mayor delito contra los derechos de las mujeres.
My personal comment is that I agree with Mrs Theorin that violence against women is the greatest individual violation of women' s rights.
SpanishEl delito mayor es no hacer nada, incumplir nuestro deber de proteger a los niños en todas partes, incluidos los que se ven forzados a ejercer la prostitución infantil.
The ultimate crime is to do nothing, to neglect our duty to protect children everywhere including those who are forced into child prostitution.