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ES desgajar
[desgajando|desgajado] {verb}


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SpanishUna cosa no se puede desgajar de la otra.
One is not possible without the other.
SpanishFinalmente, no podemos desgajar un país de su historia, que en parte ha transcurrido de manera diferente a la nuestra.
At the end of the day, we cannot free a country from its history, which to some extent may have taken a very different course from that of our own.
SpanishEn efecto, el POP IV va a expirar el año próximo y esto nos obligaría a desgajar la política de la flota de todos los demás ámbitos de la nueva política pesquera.
MAGP IV expires next year and that would mean that we would have to isolate all other areas of the new fisheries policy from that of fleet policy.