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"despistar" in English


despistar [despistando|despistado] {verb}

to throw off {vb} (rid oneself of)

Context sentences for "despistar" in English

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SpanishDicho esto, el Parlamento no debe dejarse despistar por la Comisión en materia nuclear.
That being said, our Parliament must not be led astray by the Commission on nuclear matters.
Spanishes muy hábil para despistar a los acreedores
she's very clever at giving her creditors the slip
Spanishconsiguieron despistar a sus perseguidores
SpanishSeñor Presidente, Comisaria, Señorías, me sorprende que la Comisión logre despistar una y otra vez al Parlamento Europeo haciendo malabarismos con los datos.
Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, it amazes me that time after time the Commission tries to hoodwink the European Parliament by fudging data.