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ES dilapidar
[dilapidando|dilapidado] {verb}

dilapidar (also: desperdiciar)
to fritter away {vb} (fortune)

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SpanishCréame que no quisiéramos dilapidar esa confianza que hemos depositado en usted.
Believe me that we do not wish to discover that our trust in you has been misplaced.
SpanishEsta diversidad es una riqueza que no hay que dilapidar.
This diversity is a wealth that should not be squandered.
SpanishQuiero dejar claro que no soy partidario de dilapidar o gastar el dinero sin motivo, aunque sí debemos velar por que cumplamos lo prometido a nuestros ciudadanos y a los ciudadanos de otros países.
I am not exactly in favour of wasting money or spending it for the sake of it, but we must ensure that we actually honour the promises we have made to our citizens and those in other countries.