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ES discurso inicial

1. law

discurso inicial

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discurso noun
discursar verb
inicial noun
inicial adjective

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SpanishMe ha complacido escuchar en su discurso inicial que estaba usted dispuesta a volver a examinar este punto.
I was happy to note that in your opening speech you were prepared to re-examine this point.
SpanishPresidente, el señor Pronk ha recordado en su discurso inicial la colaboración bastante intensa que ha existido entre los tres cuerpos.
Mr President, in his introductory speech Mr Pronk reminded us of the intense cooperation between the three bodies.
Spanish   – Señor Presidente, señor Comisario, Señorías, sucede que el señor Comisario se ha salvado con este excelente discurso inicial, diciendo lo que realmente queríamos oír.
   – Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, it so happens that the Commissioner saved himself with this excellent opening speech when he said what we actually wanted to hear.