"echarse a la calle" English translation


"echarse a la calle" in English

ES echarse a la calle

echarse a la calle (also: salir)

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echarse verb
A noun
a noun
a preposition
la noun
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la article
la pronoun
La noun
calle noun
callar verb

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SpanishResulta bastante lamentable que la industria tuviera que abandonar el mar y echarse a la calle para que nosotros reaccionáramos.
It is rather a shame that it took the industry to come out of the sea and go onto the streets for us to react in full.
Spanishecharse a la calle
SpanishEs demasiado recatada para echarse a la calle y los investigadores no cuentan para los políticos porque su número es demasiado pequeño.
Researchers themselves are above taking to the streets, and they do not count, as far as the political parties are concerned, because there are not enough of them.
SpanishLa única alternativa que les quedaba para sobrevivir consistía en echarse a la calle como prostitutas con el riesgo de contraer el sida, si es que no habían sido contagiadas ya por los sacerdotes.
The alternative, in order to survive, is to walk the streets as prostitutes and to expose themselves to the risks of HIV, if they have not already been infected by the priest.