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"encasillar" in English

ES encasillar
[encasillando|encasillado] {verb}

to typecast {v.t.} (actor)

Context sentences for "encasillar" in English

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Spanishle gusta encasillar a la gente de manera simplista
she likes to fit people into neat little categories
SpanishEs fundamental no encasillar a estas personas como inmigrantes ilegales, lo que equivaldría a echar por tierra el principio de non-refoulement.
We must not liken these people to illegal immigrants; that would be like riding roughshod over the principle that asylum seekers should not be expelled or returned.
SpanishPara concluir, quisiera llamar la atención sobre el riesgo de querer regular y encasillar demasiado de antemano con la mirada puesta en el arranque de la tercera fase de la UM.
Finally, I would like to point out the danger of wishing to regulate and frame too much in advance of the start of the third phase of EMU.