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ES enfadado
{adjective masculine}

1. general

enfadado (also: enojada, enojado, enardecido, enfadados)
angry {adj.}
¿De la tierra roja del enfadado Marte?
The red soil of angry Mars?
tengo tantos motivos como tú para estar enfadado
I have no less reason than you to be angry
to be angry with sb
enfadado (also: enojado, irritado)
vexed {adj.}

2. "con alguien, por algo"

enfadado (also: cabreado, molesto)
cross {adj.} [coll.] (with sb about/for sth)
Señor Verheugen, si me permite la expresión, usted no puede estar enfadado con el señor Sarkozy.
Mr Verheugen, if you pardon my saying so, you surely cannot be cross with Mr Sarkozy.
That is why I am cross.
to be cross about sth

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SpanishTal vez está enfadado porque el señor Barroso le ha comparado con el sheriff de Nottingham.
Perhaps he is upset that Mr Barroso has likened him to the Sheriff of Nottingham.
SpanishEl caballo, por su parte, sabe por qué su propietario está enfadado y sabe cómo ceder ante él.
The horse, for his part, knows why his owner is upset and knows how to yield to him.
Spanishestar enfadado con algn
Spanish—gritó enfadado
SpanishEnfadado o descontento
SpanishSeñor Presidente, señor Comisario, estaba usted un poco enfadado porque el Parlamento tratase este tema.
Mr President, Commissioner, you were somewhat indignant that Parliament is addressing this question, but is it really just an administrative act?
SpanishLa negativa a emitir un dictamen me lleva a pensar en un niño caprichoso al que no le consienten el capricho y por eso rechaza enfadado todo lo que le dan.
Refusing to give one's opinion reminds me of a petulant child which does not get what it wants, and therefore pushes aside everything it does get.
SpanishKuckelkorn se hubiese enfadado aun más con la Comisión porque el retraso hubiese sido aun mayor.
Let me say to Mr Karas: if we had to deal with all those aspects then Mr Kuckelkorn would be even angrier with the Commission because the delay would have been that much longer.