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ES engalanar
[engalanando|engalanado] {verb}

Context sentences for "engalanar" in English

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SpanishNo apoyaremos las enmiendas que pretenden volver a engalanar el régimen.
We shall not support amendments which seek to add new bells and whistles to the system.
SpanishAlgo muy diferente a engalanar una potencia mundial o incrementar la libertad de las empresas multinacionales.
This is quite different from adorning a world power or increasing the freedom of international corporations.
SpanishNo les han permitido engalanar con doctrina, ideología o religión el horror al que someten a sus víctimas.
You have not allowed them to dress up with doctrine, ideology or religion, the horror to which they subject their victims.
SpanishYa es hora de que las instituciones se centren en problemas verdaderamente transfronterizos y dejen de engalanar el carro europeo con competencias sustraídas a las autoridades nacionales.
It is high time that institutions restricted their scope to actual cross-border issues and stopped decking out the European cart with powers which they are taking away from national authorities.