ES estropearse

1. general

estropearse (also: romperse, sonar)
to bust {v.i.} [coll.] (object, machine)
estropearse (also: fundirse)
to go {v.i.} (to cease to function, to wear out)
That way, nothing can go wrong. '
Si no funcionan, nunca pueden estropearse.
That way, nothing can go wrong.'
estropearse (also: echarse a perder)
to spoil {v.i.} (food, meal)

2. "afearse", Spain

estropearse (also: afearse, desmejorar)
to lose one's looks {vb}

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SpanishUn posible desarrollo es un material de envasado que cambie de color cuando la leche que contiene se corte o el alimento en su interior comience a estropearse.
The internal market makes it necessary to harmonise regulations for the food industry and for packaging.