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ES fastidiosa
{adjective feminine}

fastidiosa (also: fastidioso)

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Spanishse está poniendo muy fastidiosa
SpanishEspero que este Pleno no empiece a considerar nuestras intervenciones una fastidiosa costumbre o, incluso, algo que hay que tratar con superficialidad e hilaridad.
I hope that this House will not start to think of our interventions as an annoying habit, or even something to be treated superficially and with amusement.
SpanishAsí, se han podido preservar los grandes principios de las reformas propuestas, a cambio -cierto es- de una enumeración un poco fastidiosa de soluciones especiales.
The main principles behind the proposed reforms were therefore also maintained, although this has indeed led to a somewhat tedious listing of ad hoc solutions.
SpanishLa política exterior sin un verdadero gobierno, sin un ejército común, es como mucho un ejercicio de oratoria que por descontado sabe enseguida a una fastidiosa impotencia.
A foreign policy without a proper government, without a common army, is at the very most an exercise in rhetoric which smacks of irksome and inevitable impotence.
SpanishEs lamentable esta ambigüedad porque, si continúa, se creará una competencia totalmente fastidiosa ¿Quién controla el funcionamiento del sistema?
The lack of clarity on this point is extremely regrettable, because if we agree to it we will be landed with an entirely unwelcome responsibility. Who is to monitor the operation of the system?